Your one-stop-shop solution for international growth

Engage with a multichannel retail network of 49 marketplaces in 27 European countries with more than 500 million online shoppers.  Jump to the next level of eCommerce with our marketplace partnerships and grow your brand internationally.


Why be a marketplace partner

BorderGuru is member of the Otto Group, a fast-growing set of retailers with online sales of 9.9 billion euros.
With BorderGuru Channels, you can expand your reach to millions of new active customers and get exclusive access to the most prestigious online marketplaces across Europe and beyond.

How it works

Sign the terms

Select SKUs

Send products descriptions

Send products to our warehouse

Begin selling!

We´ll take care of the rest


The Gateway to Global Growth

BorderGuru Channels provides your business with content localization, tax and legal compliance, logistics, customer service, and much more in 27 countries. Leave the headaches to BorderGuru and focus on what you do best — selling your products.



Global Brand Exposure

Our solution offers instant access to 49 European sales channels. We have local operation offices to fulfill all your orders in 27 countries. BorderGuru is your one-stop-shop for international growth.